Phone Consultations available for booking:

Please call to make an appointment.

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In depth, face to face, Initial consultation: 70 minutes. $120.00.

OR Phone consultation 70 minutes:  $90.00.

This full consultation provides a thorough overview of all body systems, in order to help define what may be contributing to your presenting complaint and to formulate a treatment plan. Recommended as a first consult, as I try to cover everything.

You will be sent a client consent form and registration form to complete and return before your appointment. 

Your consultation includes:

  • A detailed overview of your presenting complaint, health history and holistic health view
  • Clinical assessments  relevant to your case.
  • An evaluation that covers the possible cause for your complaint.
  • Any research that I need to complete before formulating your treatment plan (medication interaction checks, medication side effects, etc.)
  • A treatment focus and plan, which may include dietary and lifestyle changes, dietary supplements or botanical medicines. This will be sent to you within 1-2 days of your appointment.
  • Recommendations for functional testing, if seen necessary.  These may include OAT,  Microbiome mapping, DUTCH, Genetic, Allergy testing, or other.  Please visit my ‘Functional Testing at Whangarei Natural Health page.
  • Once you have paid your invoice, I go ahead and order any supplements that we have agreed upon.  These are delivered to your door.

Follow up consultations: Face to face: 40 minutes. $60.00  – Follow ups are important and focus on improvements and changes in health following the treatment plan that was formulated at the initial consultation. Ongoing consults are vital in order to see progress in improving your health and to make adjustments to your treatment focus and treatment plan.

OR Phone consultations, 40 mins: $45.00

Please note that there is a small charge of $10.00 placed on repeat prescriptions outside appointments, to cover admin.

Cost of referral letter to GP: $20.00



Appointments must be paid by internet banking on the day of the appointment.  Cancellations within 48 hours may incur a fee. Please note, there are no eftpos or credit card facilities available.

 Find me:

Park in the carpark, walk through the gate next to the Whangarei Natural Health sign and knock on the front door 🙂


Call now to book +64 22 684 1459