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Do you suffer from any of the following ?

  •  Fatigue?
  •  Always getting sick?
  •  Maintaining a healthy weight?
  •  Stress, depression or anxiety?
  •  Allergies, eczema or asthma?
  •  An autoimmune condition?
  •  Hormonal imbalance?
  •  Another chronic health condition?


Our qualified and registered Naturopath, Louella, provides:

  • Phone Consultations with specialised treatment plans designed just for you, to guide your way forward.
  • Referral for blood tests.
  • Individual diet plans, lifestyle plans.
  • Advice regarding dietary and herbal supplements.
  • A range of functional testing, including genetic tests, are available on request.

Whangarei Natural Health would love to help you!

Whangarei Natural Health promotes health and well-being by encouraging the body’s natural healing ability. My aim is to find and treat  the cause of imbalance through safe natural therapies, personalised nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes…all the good stuff.  I support and guide your way forward, working together so that you can gain an enhanced sense of responsibility over your own health.  Naturopathy provides a holistic, complementary  treatment to empower you towards a clearer connection with your body and a positive attitude that comes with good health and well-being. So if you’re feeling a little out of balance, let Whangarei Natural Health help restore the order!


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